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fanmixes; thirteen ~ one big push is going to get you there

Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Lizzie/Darcy

Yeah so, they've ruined my life. Them and their stupid precious little faces.


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are basically Pride & Prejudice in the form of a vlog. Lizzie Bennet sits in front of her camera and with the aide of her best friend Charlotte Lu and sisters Jane and Lydia Bennet, she recounts the day-to-day happenings regarding herself, her family and the rich single guy who moved in next door with his sister and best friend.

As with Pride & Prejudice, the story largely centers around Lizzie and William Darcy. They meet at a wedding, where due to some 'stupid binding antiquated ritual' Lizzie is forced to enture the most awkward dance ever. That, along with Darcy's generally poor social skills and someone overhearing him call Lizzie 'decent enough', cements Lizzie in the belief that he is a stuck-up pompous ass. Lizzie remains antagonistic towards Darcy and believes him to be doing the same thing. Through Charlotte and Jane's meddling, we get the idea that things aren't always as they appear. This is confirmed when Darcy admits he's in love with her. Lizzie rejects him spectacularly and Darcy gives her a letter (it is P&P after all), apologizes and they part ways. Through this letter, Lizzie reexamines her perspective on him and certain events in her life. Flash forward a few months, they meet again at Pemberly Digital, where Lizzie is set to shadow Darcy's company as part of the last year of her Masters.
They rebuild their opinions of each other from there.

Or, if you've been following LBD since Episode 1: TWO INDIVIDUALS WHO NEED TO START BONING ASAP.

note: this mix is also partially an example of another of my otps:

Break Bones ▲ Internet Forever
you could throw sticks / i could throw stones
we could hate each other / and break bones
'It's safe to say I like him even less than he likes me.'
'I've  been fighting against this for months now but Lizzie Bennet, I'm... in love with you.' In Those Shoes ▼ Mike Edel
and in your heart a happiness / i if i don't move i will regret this

beat beat in my chest / the sweet fear in this / is making me nervous
'I should have acted differently. I was unaware of your feelings towards me.' Breaking is Fun ▼ Mike Edel
i regret what i have done to myself and you
no excuse will fill up the hole that i have dug / myself into
i'm sorry for what i have done / i'm sorry for who i've become
Odds of Being Alone ▲ Amy Stoup and Trent Dabbs
you're watching your world spin / you feel farther from it now
nowhere to begin and are you to figure it out?
wouldn't you like to know
'This is definitely messing with my worldview. It's like I don't know myself anymore.'
Featherstone ▲▼ The Paper Kites
and my love is yours but your love's not mine
so i'll go, but we know i'll see you down the line
and we'll hate what we've lost but we'll love what we find
and oh, i'm feeling fine, we've made it to the coastline
Further On ▲▼ Bronze Radio Return
smoke in the sky and fire in the air / desire burns between them
one big push is going to get you there
lead your way, sing your song / moving every day going further on
lead your way, keep on strong / moving every day going further on
Gone, Gone, Gone ▼ Phillip Phillips
your hope dangling by a string / i'll share in your suffering
to make you well, to make you well
give me reasons to believe / that you would do the same for me
and i would do it for you, for you
baby, i'm not moving on / i love you long after you're gone.
'His feelings have almost certainly changed.'
'Have yours?'
The 400 ▼ Stars
it has to go right this time. / it has to go right this time.
it has to go right this time. / it's got to go right.
'Maybe he's trying to figure out... proper wording. He does sometimes have trouble expressing himself.'

Young Blood ▲▼ The Naked and Famous
the bittersweet between my teeth / trying to find the in-betweens
fall back in love eventually

                                                                                                                           (Darcy!bot Bonus TrackBeta Love by Ra Ra Riot)

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