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fanmixes; twelve ~ don't cry hold your head up high

Teen Wolf; The Argents

I have a lot of thoughts about the Argents. A lot of them.
They're family through thick and thin, even when they bring the thick on themselves.


Teen Wolf is a show about inhabitants of the town of Beacon Hills. Many of whom happen to be teenage and/or werewolves (hence the name). Scott McCall gets the bite from Derek Hale, and just as he meets and becomes enamoured with new student Allison Argent, he realizes that her father has tried to kill him: he is one of the hunters that has recently come to the area to track down the werewolves causing the town's new rash of suspicious animal attacks.
The mystery of the first season involves the history behind the Hale family fire as well as who killed Laura Hale. We gradually learn that Kate Argent set the fire that burn down the Hale house with most of the family still inside. Though Derek initially suspects that Kate is also responsible for Laura's death, he finds out that she was innocent of that particular crime and that it was in fact his uncle Peter Hale who killer his niece to become the Alpha of the pack. As the rest of the characters learn of Kate's involvement in the fire, so does Peter who eventually kills her for it. Derek then kills Peter (or so we think) and things go back to as normal as they can be.
Allison Argent starts out as your typical new student. She has no knowledge of werewolves or of her family's history with them. As the first season progresses, her father and her aunt gradually teach her about their family's history as hunters as well as various skills in addition to the archery she learnt growing up. Though she disagrees with them frequently, she does trust that her family has her best interests at heart.

Chris Argent is Allison's father. He's very protective of his daughter. He fiercely sticks to his code, to the hunter's code; he does not believe in killing the innocent regardless of species. He keeps an eye on everyone's favourite group of werewolves but does not harm those that have given him no proof of guilt. He's strong-minded but very warm and caring towards his family.

Kate Argent is Chris' sister and Allison's aunt. Also a hunter, she is more vengeful and bloodthirsty than her brother. Unlike Chris, she takes on their father's warped sense of the code and assumes all werewolves to be mindless monsters that cannot be controlled. She truly cares for her niece and brother even though she lets her thirst for the hunt cloud her judgment when it comes to keeping their best interests at heart.

Victoria Argent is Allison's mother. She can be cold and decisive and has no mercy for werewolves. Her sense of morality is defined by what she will do to keep her family safe and will do the things her husband won't to achieve it. She tries to kill Scott when she discovers he and Allison are still seeing each other and is bitten when Derek stops her. She then commits suicide to prevent herself from becoming the thing she works to protect her family from. Gerard Argent is an opportunistic bastard, and well Chris and Kate's father as well as Allison's grandfather. He first comes to Beacon Hills for his daughter's funeral. He stays in town to avenge Kate's death and declares that there is no other code than to kill all the werwolves in town. After Victoria's death, he emotionally manipulates Allison (as one can assume he did to Kate growing up) into his way of hunting. He is not above killing his own family to survive.

nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent; alors nous nous chassons


nobody in this house / wants to own up to the truth
I crawl in shotgun and reach into his mouth
and grab hold of one long, sharp tooth
and hold on for dear life, I hold on

Kate was always Gerard's favourite. In a family where the women lead he raised the one that'd be useful to him. Kate was always eager to learn. Even at a young age, she wanted to hunt, she wanted to be a part of the family tradition and she ate her father's teachings right up.


oh and Katie, Katie be happy
this world can be ugly / but isn't it beautiful
but you've got the strength that I've lost
who'd of thought you would be carrying me

Chris loved being an older brother. He loved being protective and he loved showing Kate things, letting her in on his ideas. But he looked up to her. She was tough and fiery and everything he wanted to be.


step one: light me on fire/step two: walk clean away
I won't burn long
and evidence of your done wrong will be gone

In seconds I swear
After a while Kate stopped being able to tell if they were her feelings or her father's. He had convinced her for so long that they were the problem and they had to be dealt with. Every time one wolf did something it was a testament to all of them. So she set out to get all of them.


je serai sans pitié
dans le jardin fragile / je suis la branche tordue
sans logique apparente / tendue vers l'infini
la poussière va tomber / un de ces jours

Kate was the best. She took pride in it. She was a damn good hunter and no one was going to take that away from her. She ran on rage and ruin and fire. It never occurred to her that the ash was bound to fall eventually.

wildflowers on this dusty road
in desolation somethings will grow
so build a fence here and call it your own
that loaded shotgun well you always be left alone

Allison loved her aunt. Her aunt understood her; she just got her. Understood her need to not feel helpless. She learnt from Kate, and Kate was as much a role model to her as her parents were.


the lines keep getting thinner
my age has never made me wise
but I keep pushing on and on and on and on
I've come too far to see the end now

Chris had his code. His one constant. And he had his family. The line between the two just got thinner and thinner. He hadn't noticed Kate's blatant disregard for the code, but he wasn't about to hurt his sister. So he kept pushing on the best he could.

I live between concrete walls
In my arms she was so warm
eyes are open the mouth cries
haven't slept since summer

Allison felt numbed. Kate was dead. The aunt who had taught her everything was gone. The same aunt had also apparently murdered ten people and set fire to a house. She was suffocated, trying to reconcile her love and grief for Kate with what her aunt had done.

please just don't cry / hold your head up high,
she would want you to / she would want you to.
Don't you know I miss her too
I miss her just as much as you.

They  grieve. Chris smiles at the image of a ten-year-old little sis' reminding him to tough it out. Allison chooses to remember the Kate who taught her to fend for herself.
They hold their heads up high because it's the best way they can think of to honour Kate.

regret is like a filter/that colours all your endeavours
once put on becomes a feature of your current works
what i fear / is that all of these things I hold dear
never become more than vibrations in air.

Victoria wonders if they missed out as a family. No family outings to the zoo, the constant moving. She's tough on Allison because she loves her. She wants to see her grown into a strong woman, she wants to see her safe. So she's hard on her.

i've burned the bridge above the ford,
behind the fog, beyond the rusted door.
it's getting cold outside/the house is burning down
i can't shed this like a skin
but i'm making peace with the rust.

Chris could let himself be consumed with rage and anger over Victoria's bite-suicide. And to a certain degree he does; he holds those responsible, responsible. Mostly, he  makes peace with it. He's seen where vengeance leads for the Argents and he doesn't want to go there. He doesn't want Allison to go there either. So he makes peace with it.

step one: light me on fire/step two: walk clean away
but if you got time anyway / why not watch me hurt
and nothing is sweeter than needed revenge
oh that's right / I did nothing
and you were the mean one

Allison has a lot of Kate in her. She's got fire and recklessness and she cares so much. Gerard gives her a place to put her rage and so she does. They deserve it. She's lost so fucking much to werewolves and she's tired; she wants it to be over.


oh the way that gravity turns on you and me
and then I looked up at the sun and saw the sky
the way that gravity pulls on you and I, on you and I
you hear my heart beating/can you hear that sound
cause I can't help crying/and I wont look down

Gerard gets what's coming to him. It still feels weird losing yet another Argent, even given the circumstances. Allison's not sure what she should do. Chris isn't really that sure either. They're what's left. They have their pain to make peace with, and their lives to rebuild. And they still have each other.

Je vis près de la rivière où tu m’as donné vie.
Loin de l’amer, loin de l’ennuie.
Je vis près de la rivière où tu m’as tout appris
pour que jamais je ne t’oublie.


They go on. They manage. Argents are built pretty tough. Allison takes what her mother and her aunt have taught her with her. Chris remembers to learn from Allison. They piece together the good things and the bad things. They're nowhere near normal as families go, but at least they're something. And that's okay.

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