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fanmixes; ten ~ the two of us will become just enough

Bomb Girls; Betty/Kate

I didn't really want to make a Betty/Kate mix, not because I don't love them, I adore them to pieces, but rather because everyone in this fandom who mixes for it makes Betty/Kate mixes. Yes, they are amazing, but so is most of the rest of the show so I've always felt that the others needed mixes before this particular pairing got any from me. But then I stumbled upon 'Antebellum' and accidentally all my Betty and Kate feels again so I just had to make them one. It does contain incredibly vague spoilers regarding the promo shots and trailer, but unless you know what they are you probably won't see them.

made for waywardmixes round 10: holiday exchange.


gift for immortality

About: I'm sorry it took me so long to finish this. I started with about six ideas for you. Three Pretty Litlte Liars and three Bomb Girls and I was sort of building them all up simultaneously. Then I figured that all you make is Pretty Little Liars (plus I already made you a Liars minimix) so Bomb Girls was a better place to look. Then I had ideas for Gladys&Betty friendship, Betty/Kate and all of them together and couldn't decide. I eventually got stuck on one song that gave me monumental amounts of feelings for Betty and Kate so that made my decision for me.

and then I got really picky with it because everyone who makes mixes for Bomb Girls makes Betty/Kate mixes so I wanted mine to be super special.
It's really grown on me and I love it to pieces. I hope you like it ♥

Bomb Girls is a show about Canadian women munition factory workers in the 1940s. It follows the lives of four women in particular: Gladys Witham, Betty McRae, Kate Andrews and Lorna Corbett as they find their way in the working world and stand up for each other and themselves.

Betty is the worker that's been there the longest. She works hard, demands respect and doesn't really warm up to people. Except Kate. Kate comes along and she softens up around her. Kate is escaping an abusive father and Betty senses it and feels protective of her. Betty lets her in and forms a meaningful relationship with her. Something that comes crashing down when she acts on her feelings for Kate.

This mix is meant to embody their journey from Betty's confession to that promo shot of Betty, Kate and Gladys lying on Betty's bed. It's my idea of how they both dealt with what happened and how it affected them. It's how they come back together again.

❖     ❖     ❖

Secret Heart ∞ Feist
this very secret that you're trying to conceal
is the very same one that you're dying to reveal
go tell her how you feel
I Know You Care ∞ Ellie Goulding
oh, but I know you care
I know it is always been there
but there's trouble ahead, I can feel it
you are just saving yourself when you hide it
Antebellum ∞ Vienna Teng
I know the border lines we drew between us
keep the weapons down, keep the wounded safe;
I know our antebellum innocence
was never meant to see the light of our armistice.
but how much would I give to have it back again?
how much did we lose to live this way?
Top of the World ∞ Dixie Chicks
there's a whole lot of singing that's never gonna be heard
disappearing everyday without so much as a word somehow
think I broke the wings off that little song bird
she's never gonna fly to the top of the world right now
top of the world
I Don't Know, I Don't Know ∞ Tall Heights
I just never thought it’d bleed me blind
it’s like it never even crossed my mind

that I had I lost myself
lost myself in it
lost myself and I
I don’t know, I don’t know
I don’t know my heart at all
Not Out ∞ Greg Laswell
and if the breeze blows me down
I'll take my time to come around,
but I'm not out, oh, I'm not out

and I'm sure that I am tangled up
in things you said out loud to me
so recklessly
I Won't Give Up ∞ Jason Mraz
I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up

and when you're needing your space
to do some navigating
I'll be here patiently waiting
to see what you find
Signal Fire ∞ Snow Patrol
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
without your arms to drag me out.

there you are standing right in front of me
there you are standing right in front of me
all this fear falls away to leave me naked,
hold me close, cause I need you to guide me to safety.
Medicine ∞ Daughter
pick it up, pick it all up. and start again.
you've got a second chance, you could go home.
escape it all. it's just irrelevant.

you could still be, what you want to,
what you said you were, when I met you.
Two of Us ∞ Mike Edel
yeah we're all a little crazy
but that's okay, cause that makes two of us

and put my hand inside your hands, lay down beside me
dream big dreams, and dream them next to me
and the two of us will become just enough
the two of us will become just enough

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