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X-Men: First Class, Havok/Darwin

I present you, my entry for waywardmixes round 8: rare pair.


X-Men: First Class is the origin story of the X-Men, at least so far as the movies are concerned. It is the story of how Magneto and Professor X met, developed a friendship and subsequently became enemies. It doubles as the story of how Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters came into being. The characters of First Class split up into the 'adults', Charles, Erik, Shaw and company, and the 'kids', the mutant recruits who became some of the main adult characters for the previous three (later in terms of in-verse chronology) X-Men movies. Havok and Darwin are two of these recruits, although they are not present in any other movie installation of the series.

havok Havok or Alex Summers's power is the to absorb ambient cosmic energy, process it and emanate it from his body as red rings of energy. It looks a lot like his brother*'s power, actually. When we meet him he is in prison and had asked for and prefers solitary confinement. He states that whenever he uses his power, bad things happen or people get hurt, showing us that he's had a history of hurting people he cares about. He's used to breaking things so he pushes everyone away.
*fact confirmed in comics, not confirmed in movie-verse
Darwin or Armando Muñoz's power is the ability to reactively adapt to his environment, or as he puts it 'adapt to survive'. He is probably the most mature and responsible of Charles' recruits. He's quite heroic, consistently ready to put himself on the first line to protect his friends. You know, given that he can adapt to *everything.
*except being a black character in a hollywood movie

✚     ✚     ✚

They're kind of perfect for each other. Alex is introverted, Darwin is extroverted. Alex is used to hurting the people he loves and cares about and he literally cannot hurt Darwin. Darwin likes being the protector. This is Alex finding someone who he doesn't have to worry about getting attached to because it's someone and something he can't destroy. They balance each other out.

That said, it had to have freaking gutted Alex to have had someone who he couldn't hurt, only to have his power be the thing that ultimately killed Darwin (albeit through Shaw, but I don't think that's a distinction that's affecting Alex's guilt at all*). I have touched on that in the mix, but this is more of a 'highlighting the good' of Havok/Darwin's relationship.
*See: Deleted Scene Havok Training Part I


Push Matchbox Twenty
i don't know if i've ever been good enough
i'm a little bit rusty, and i think my head is caving in
i don't know if i've ever been really loved
by a hand that's touched me, and i feel like something's gonna give
and i'm a little bit angry.
Babel Mumford & Sons
you’ll build your walls and i will play my bloody part
to tear, tear them down. well i’m gonna tear, tear them down
Don't You Give Up On Me Milo Greene
don't you give up on me, you're all i got
this time wont stop, i'll go i'll go wherever you go

Hanging By A Moment Lifehouse
i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all I've held on to
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you.
Faster ✖ Matt Nathanson
it's the way you swell, slow
pushing right out your seams
it's the way you smile, baby
when you've got me on my knees
Just A Step Away ✖ Carly Rae Jepsen
i’ll never let you down
and I’ll never go away
and if your ever feeling down
i’m just a step away
Sunset ✖ Avalanche City
the sun set to soon tonight
now we are in the last of light
oh we'll steal love songs tonight
oh we'll steal love songs tonight; it's only you and I

The Weight of the World Editors
keep a light on those you love
they will be there when you die
It's All Your Fault P!nk
i hold my breath, because you were perfect
but i'm running out of air, and it's not fair
Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better Joshua Radin
sometimes it's easier to hit the road
when the world is givin' you a heavy load
but if you stay and face it, i know...
tomorrow is gonna be better

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