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graphics post; ten ~ i love you, don't you mind don't you mind

20 Blindspot icons for 20muses

So about 15 icons into this I realized it was only the ladies of Blindspot and I decided to roll with it.
Aside from one tiny Edgar Reade it's 100% ladies. Also I clearly love blues and purples. And Tasha Zapata.
Yay for getting my inspiration back! :)

[+]Louise LeBourgeois: #1 - blue, calm, this texture, #2 - I was going to go a completely different direction with this but then I was listening to this song from the soundtrack + lost in the sea/water, plus the cap was so blue.
David Shillinglaw: #3 - caos, complex, text, #4 - texture, text, impulsive (because Tasha's impulsive but also my impulse is to icon Tasha)
Fran Williams: #5 - my first try at a silhouette cutout! > silhouette, emotional, this texture, #6 - no details, silhouette, sorrow, the playlist, #7 - emotional, sorrow, silhouette: (the shape/silhouette is a reference to her dead brother)
Alonsa Guevera: #8 - colourful, fantasy, icon by hermionesparkle, #9 - icon by adriftingsea, colourful, magical, #10 - colourful,
icon by adriftingsea, playlist
SIT: #11 - black and white, grotesque, simple (in concept > tattoos = map), playlist
Ian Francis: #12 - flame (all the colours that a flame could be), layers
Xue Liang: #13 - vintage (flashbacks), earth(y), icons by tturners and scoobyatemysnax, #14 - texture, paper, light
Line Osmundsen: #15 - pastel, beauty, colour scheme of icon examples, #16 - pastel, pink, surreal, #17 - pastel, icon by danseur_lion
Richard Whadcock: #18 - atmosphere, lights, obscure (in choice of cap), subtle
Alice X. Zhang: #19 - bold, fanmade, icons by fassy and jsfunction (aka I try painted hair), #20, intense, colourful, icon by sucksucksmile


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→ enjoy ♥
Tags: !tv: blindspot, #graphics, #graphics: icons, &character: bethany mayfair, &character: jane doe, &character: tasha zapata, &ship: bethany/sophia, &ship: jane/tasha, [2016]: icons
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