oh you're in my veins (hbics) wrote in levelesvoiles,
oh you're in my veins

graphics post; nine ~ just a little bit caught in the middle

So, I haven't really made many icons this year. Fewer than last year. So this tiny icon dump comes along with a resolution to make more in 2016, with a concrete goal of at least 1 icon challenge per month. These were for a variety of challenges/gift giving or trying to teach myself some new styles.

1-2 Once Upon A Time
3 Fringe
4-5 The Royals
6-10 Quantico

1-artistschoice 2-fadetoblack 1-chiaroscuro 1-calendarsquares 2-calendarsquares
4-calendarsquares 5-calendarsquares 6-calendarsquares 7-calendarsquares quantico

Tags: !tv: fringe, !tv: once upon a time, !tv: quantico, !tv: the royals, #graphics, #graphics: icons, [2015]: icons
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