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graphics post; eight ~ save it for somebody else

20 Once Upon A Time icons for once20in20

2-monochrome cat-1
artistschoice-1 artistschoice-4

song inspiration monochrome emotion next in line muted colouring
eyes purple levels five layers hair

category – text + two fonts
cat 1 cat 2 cat 3 cat 4 cat 5

artist’s choice
choice 1
choice 2
choice 3
choice 4
choice 5

#1: inspiration: we'll have to muddle through somehow
#9: psd

→ comment & credit are appreciated
→ watch levelesvoiles for more graphics & mixes
→ enjoy ♥
Tags: !tv: once upon a time, #graphics, #graphics: icons, &character: marian, [2015]: icons
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Lovely work. My favorites are: monochrome, levels, five layers, hair, cat 1 and ac 1.
thanks! i'm glad someone other than me likes cat 1
i wasn't sure if that was going to turn out the way i wanted it to :)
Ooh I love C1! Beautiful composition <3
I also really like monochrome, muted colouring, purple, levels, hair, C2, C4, AC1, AC3 and AC5. Great set! :)
Your icons are really nice!
The category set is gorgeous, and my favorite icons are song inspiration, muted colouring, levels and C4!
These are GOREGOUS!! Each icon is a masterpiece ♥
thank you!! ♥
These are so damn pretty. So so pretty.
Thanks! ♥
It helps that Christie is also very very pretty.
God, I would totally save a bunch of these if I liked the character (shame on me, I know) (: Anyway, my favourites are emotion, cat1 and ac4. They're so pretty^^
thank you :)

I love her loads and I'm consistently pissed off that she's been underrepresented this season. Plus she's just so pretty.
AND SHE LIVED!!! (I was so scared she was going to die).

I hate love triangles so much and I'd much rather they sort out an awkward family arrangement where Regina & Marian are friends. Which is why I created cat3.
I wasn't worried about her dying, because then it would have given Regina an "easy" way to Robin, and that's not what the writers usually give her. I mean, she was happy for like 3 episodes :S But that's not really Marian's fault and I'm actually curious what happens to them (her, Robin and Roland) in the world now that they've left Storybrook. And it would be nice if she had a storyline actually, other than being "in the way" of outlaw queen happenning. (:
It would very much be so. My wild hope is for Mulan/Marian. But that would involve the writers caring about Mulan too.
Mainly I just like the parallel of alliterative first names to mirror Regina/Robin.
Oh, don't even mention poor Mulan... I'd like to see how she dealt with Aurora's pregnancy and her basically choosing Phillip instead of Mulan (though I'm not even sure she was aware of Mulan's feelings at all)... But I guess we'll never know that. But I'm not sure I see Mulan with Marian, I mean she doesn't seem like a family/mother type of person and with Roland in the piture she'd definitely have to deal with that.
True. I did say my reason was mostly the alliterative names though :p
I just want Marian to get love. And I'm really happy that she had a say in the whole Regina/Robin/Marian situation. I like that she stated she wanted to be chosen, not to only be with out of obligation, and I'm so very glad that got put in the last episode.
Found this on tumblr and thought about what you said about loving them together (: http://halemura.tumblr.com/post/109762283588/im-battle-scarred-i-am-working-oh-so-hard-yet
These are lovely! I'm so glad to see a little bit of Marian love since it's basically impossible to be a Marian/Robin shipper these days. (I'm looking at you, OUAT and BBC's "Robin Hood".) She's such a badass and could have been a great character on OUAT.

I've saved the ones labelled "monochrome" and "five layers" and I'll be sure to credit. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you! I'm glad you like them ♥

I love Marian and am so beyond disappointed at how the show has treated her character (my tumblr url is now marianlives because of the godawful Zelena is actually Marian plotline) and despite also shipping Regina/Robin I quite love Marian/Robin (multishipping in general is hard in the OUAT fandom)
Yeah. I feel like they could have chosen any other mythological figure to be Regina's love so I'm sad that they chose Robin of all people. BUT since they did, they could have handled Marian and everything SO much better. My friend mentioned how Emma bringing Marian back should have been good because it means Regina didn't kill her after all. (Which apparently didn't bother Robin in the slightest?!)

Then Robin is torn by his "duty" to Marian even though he would have still loved her as well as Regina. (It's messy but you can love two people at once and still choose between them.) Then the writers realized they'd written themselves into a corner, so just when there was a bit of Robin and Marian happiness, they brought Zelena in and—whoopsy!—Marian's been dead this whole time. Oi vey.

Nevermind that Robin and Regina and Roland are one happy family even though Zelena is pregnant with Robin's child... Too far, OUAT writers.

I think sometimes I care too much about this show. ;) Some things are done so well, so it's frustrating when other things are handled so badly.

In other news I have very bad luck with OUAT ships because I also love Neal and Emma. I thought I could also enjoy Captain Swan, but Hook's such a jerk in season 2 and I love Neal too much. ;) So yes, multi-shipping is very hard in the OUAT fandom!)
I'm someone who can relate to Regina because of what my mother is like (she can be really manipulative in trying to get me to do what she thinks is best for me), I've been quite invested in Regina's redemption arc and I was HAPPY Marian was alive for that reason (and because you're going to unfridge a female character for me, yay!)

I don't think either Robin or Regina knew up until the moment Robin identified her as Marian, because the whole time she'd been refusing to give her name for the sake of saving her family.

I am all here for Robin loving both of them and having to choose between them but this was so poorly handled by the writers. I could honestly keysmash and it might make a better plot.

I actually refuse to believe she's been dead the whole time because it throws so many questions and plotholes into 4A. Regina can sense the Snow Queen's magic but oh no she couldn't sense her sisters? Who she's come in contact with before? I refuse to believe that the Snow Queen would manage to ice Zelena? And as much as they made a point of it in 4B I'm pretty sure 4A!Marian had information about Robin and Marian that Zelena couldn't have known.

I ship Emma/Neal too! I'm not necessarily upset with Emma/Hook, only because I ship Emma/being happy over anything, so as long as she's smiling I'm not going to pick it apart but yeah. I have a lot of issues with Hook. He seems to be treated much better than Regina when he's not done nearly as much to make up for his past deeds as she has. The fact that their descents into evil are mirrors of each other (caused Rumple/Cora, egged on by Cora/Rumple) only outlines the double standard. My current Emma ship is Emma/Lily, which unfortunately keeps me invested in this trainwreck that calls itself a show.

Well I am with you on that. I'm too invested in the characters, but I completely acknowledge this show is nothing but trash.
I also really love Regina and her redemption arc and getting her happy ending... Again, I just wish they didn't have to ruin the "Robin Hood" canon to do it. She does have a lot of stuff to make up for/repent, though. It was a great twist to see her as the heroine character in "Operation Mongoose."

It's pretty obvious the writers don't have things planned out, so I agree with you—I'm sure she really was Marian in 4A, given all the details you've picked up on especially! Then they just tried to throw a big twist in with Zelena while also conveniently getting rid of the Marian problem in 4B... It's how they've been handling a lot of things unfortunately.

(As a side note, I'm glad that the writers have split Belle & Rumpel up for a bit. I want them to get their happy ending, but they have a lot of things to work through first, and it would've been wrong to just leave Belle as the ignorantly optimistic wife.)

I'm still trying to enjoy Hook/Emma. I remember thinking after they'd become canon that I'd like to watch the series again with that in mind to enjoy their story more. Hook certainly is charming and he's got an interesting potential for redemption—it's too bad he thinks he's entitled to forgiveness without doing much about it, like you say, compared to Regina who is trying more and always gets the short end of the stick. I mean, watching season 2 again, he's done a lot of terrible things. (Including keeping my beloved Archie imprisoned in his ship! :'( )

I did like the Maleficent and Lily storyline. It would be nice to see that more developed, and I doubt we've seen the last of those characters. I hope the writers don't mess up the great potential they have for an Arthurian plot with dragons and more exploration of Maleficent/etc. A new character or two would be nice, but not too many. I miss the old Storybrooke characters more than I want new characters.

I hope it's ok to ramble on! I need(ed) to discuss a lot of OUAT right now ;)
No worries! Ramble away.

To be honest, I actually need Belle/Rumple to never ever happen at this point. Rumple's done too much shit that he's barely even owned up to (like he took a broken Regina and was like "you know what, I'm going to take her somewhat unreasonable anger at this eight year old child and warp it to make her evil"), and I'm sick and tired of Belle not having her own narrative outside of Rumple's. He's lied and manipulated her their entire relationship and she deserves so so much better.

I'm honestly irritated because I stumbled onto a confessions blog right after 4A ended and there were people legitimately MAD at her for kicking Rumple out of town. I mean, he'd been lying to her face the entire time they were married and she's the unreasonable one for standing up and saying "that's enough." #BitterBelleFanForever

I'm a little annoyed they've brought up finding Lily's father so soon after they brought Mal and Lily together. I want more of them bonding before we bring another family member into this. I am however excited for the Camelot plot and though I agree with you and hope they don't fuck it up, I don't know how much faith I have in these showrunners anymore.

And I don't even want new characters, I just want Lancelot back alive and happy.
Ah I don't want to go near the Rumbelle shippers. It's genuinely frightening how much they want those two together at any cost, and at this point it's about ignoring abuse. I was really glad to finally see Belle standing up for herself and kicking Rumpel out at the end of 4A. It's frustrating how the writers have treated the "Beauty and the Beast" story, for sure. (Basically treating Belle like she's an idiot. "There's good in him! I see it!" Uhhhh...)

I see what you mean about Maleficent and Lily. I agree, it would be great to see them bonding without throwing a random father into the mix right away. It would be interesting to find out his identity eventually, though.

Lancelot! Yes, I would love to see him come back. Death doesn't really mean anything in this show anymore anyway, so they totally could if they wanted to. (As I try not to be too bitter about Neal.) I'm glad they brought August back, though, no matter how ridiculous it was. I would like to see a bit of him as a side character.

I would also be ecstatic to see Ruby and Archie come back. (I mean, I assume they're just chilling in Storybrooke.) I love Red's character and I forgot how much she was in the show in the beginning. I would so much rather see them again than get a plethora of new characters and drama. At least there's fan fiction...